Shoutout to those maniacs in Kansas, yo! 

Come with us real quick on a journey back to another wasteland time: 2019. In one, small, good moment Kansas’ Supreme Court decided that YES in fact, the state constitution did protect, not abortion exactly, but a women’s (and we’ll add here gender noncomforming and trans men too) right to “decide whether to continue the pregnancy.” 

Let’s just say it was controversial. WOMEN’S AND GENDER NONCOMFORMING AND TRANSGENDER MEN’S RIGHTS? HMMMMMMM! Doesn’t sound right? 

So in the least subtle move that also describes everything anti-abortion people do Kansas anti-abortion politicians were just like “let’s add an amendment to the constitution that says ‘jk no we DON’T protect the right to have an abortion.’”

AND GUESS WHAT IT STILL DOESN’T HAVE TO VOTES TO EVEN GET ON THE BALLOT! We’re not celebrating, these maniacs will do anything to get it in the ballot. We’re more… laughing at them and the fact they think they always just assume things will go their bad way.

But you gotta… “admire” isn’t the right word… mock… yeah MOCK the way that anti-abortion people try to solve problems because as soon as their stupid little measure didn’t pass GUESS WHAT. Now they want to HALT a seemingly pretty bipartisan medicaid expansion plan. 

LOL. LOL. They’re so… stupid. And… obvious. They’re basically saying by doing this “OK you won’t protect my precious fetuses NOW I’M GONNA MURDER ALL THESE CHILDREN!” 

If anyone cared about facts any more or logic we’d be like “SEE HERE, HERE IS THE TRUTH, HERE IS WHO THEY REALLY ARE” and people would be like “OH MY GOD” and we’d all get to eat cake and have access to abortion and everything would be great. BUT NOPE PEOPLE WILL CONTINUE TO BELIEVE THEY ARE RIGHT.

But guess what… the anti-abortion side is just so OBVIOUSLY NOT RIGHT! See Exhibit One Thousand Seven Hundred Million, JK we lost track: TITLE X. Guttmacher put out a study showing that Title X… literally for birth control… literally a HUGE factor in preventing unplanned pregnancies… literally how you could stop abortions if you wanted to stop abortions you effing dummies… is more decimated than we could’ve imagined.

The “gag rule” that this administration put in which said in order to get Title X money you couldn’t even REFER to a place where people could get an abortion… causing many many groups to leave the Title X program, has cut the program’s capacity to serve people by 47%. THEY CUT THE PROGRAM IN HALF BY SAYING “We can’t have a little reproductive rights with our reproductive rights!” 

AWFUL! Read the full report here

And just remember these stories when people complain that “our side isn’t willing to compromise” and “how dare you want abortion up until and AFTER birth (not a THINGGG)!” 

These guys are the ones so unwilling to compromise that they literally are sacrificing millions of people.