Hey, you, reading this right now… do you know that they Senate is voting May 16 (TOMORROW) on a resolution to save Net Neutrality!?!?!?!

It’s very important!

You understand net neutrality, right? Like, you have some vague idea of how it works. Mainly, that it’s gonna affect your Netflix membership and mama needs her access to The Crown.

But did you know that we could make net neutrality… a reproductive issue. BECAUSE WE DEFINITELY CAN!!!

Without net neutrality the awful trap of capitalism could make it harder and harder for pro-choice groups (like us) to exist online. If you’re a nonprofit and don’t have the money to pay big internet providers, your site could just never load! You could miss out on our all videos. Or it could load way slower than a site of an anti-choicer (umm…no thanks). So let’s say an anti-choice person owns a big internet company, he (I mean, it’s def a he) could control what people who use his carrier see, so IndependentAbortionClinics dot com, loads slower than CrisisPregnancyCenters dot biz.

And furthermore think of all the people who don’t have easy access to the internet. People who desperately need an abortion but have to use internet from the library or a store could be out of luck if they can’t pay to play with an internet provider that actually, you know, isn’t a money-grabbing jerk (which like, quick reminder, if you’re making THAT much money, you are prob a little bit of a jerk). Adding ONE MORE obstacle or interference to a pregnant person’s access to abortion is unacceptable.

So what can we do to make sure the internet isn’t any scarier than it ALREADY FRICKIN’ IS?!

Email or call your Senator and tell them you want to protect Net Neutrality! If you’ve ever clicked the “Are you still watching?” button on Netflix… then you got time!