New York State has two bills that are currently climbing through government ranks with the hopes of building a protective guard around your reproductive rights. A wall for your uterine wall (ugh, sorry, this “administration” is wearing me down)!

The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) is legislation that would sync NY State’s abortion laws with the Supreme Court 1973 Roe V Wade decision. Although New York came in swinging and legalized most abortions pre-Roe in 1970, the law has actually not been updated since. Yikes! The RHA would solidify that women in New York State can have an abortion at anytime during their pregnancy (i.e. not after you silly goose AHAHAHA) if her health was in danger. It would also take abortion out of the penal code. Yeah, I know! WHAT IS ABORTION STILL DOING IN THE NY PENAL CODE?!?! (Sounds like penis code #AmIRiteLadies – I AM SO WEARY.)

RHA just passed through the State Assembly on January 17th, which is the good news! The bad news is that RHA was passed last year by the NY Assembly BUT WAS DENIED by the State Senate. BOOOOOOOOOOOO them. Especially with the new “government” acting fast to send us back to the 50s it is imperative that people support this legislation and protect New York women and doctors.

The other bill coming down the pipe is the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act (CCCA) which preemptively protects birth control as the new “administration” puts the Affordable Care Act on the chopping block. (Or at least parts of it. Honestly, who knows what they are doing?! They most certainly don’t. BRAHHHHHHS what is this replacement plan you keep pretending you have?!?!) The CCCA would keep the coverage afforded by the ACA, requiring NY health insurance companies to provide co-pay free FDA approved methods of contraception to men and women. The CCCA passed the assembly in January and moved to the Senate on the 25th.

The CCCA has bipartisan support (although it was stalled on the floor in 2016) and is even sponsored by Republican Senator John Bonacic. Bonacic is also giving his support to the RHA which is facing an uphill battle in the Senate (and has less GOP support than the CCCA). Bonacic says that he is anti-abortion for religious reasons but that’s a personal choice and does not want to deny women their access to heath care and medical choices. Really good on you John Bonacic! We here at Lady Parts Justice League think it’s super cool that you express your personal beliefs separate from making choices for other people!

Why are these bills already not passed?! This is New York right?! The state of “east coast elites” and “libtards”. Well, for one thing, we have Democrats who are voting Republican. WHAT!? YESSSS. For example Democratic Senator Simcha Felder who continually votes with the Republicans. Bro! Now is not the time! Felder was elected to the 17th District in Brooklyn in 2012 and although he ran as a Democrat, shortly after being voted in he announced that he would be caucusing with Republicans. Cockusing. Brooklyn. Where you at?! Who are the people representing your neighborhood (sung to the tune of Mister Rogers)?! Just as an FYI, in 2016 Simcha ran un-opposed on Democratic, Republican and Conservative lines.

Last week Governor Cuomo said he would defend women’s right to late-term abortion in New York State regardless of what is to come with conservatives on the Supreme Court hoping to overturn Roe V Wade.

Keep your vaginal eye out for the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act!