Ohio is really putting us through roller coaster of emotions this week? Except is it a roller coaster if it’s just all bad? So a bunch of people picked up an article about a potential Ohio TOTAL abortion ban that would criminalize abortion to the point that people looking for one would get a death penalty. And like, they’re right. That’s BANANAS!

But also Ohio ALREADY has a bananas bill on the books that PASSED THE HOUSE WITH 60 VOTES ALREADY! It’s almost-veto proof. And THAT bill says that abortion is banned after 6-weeks. That’s a total abortion ban. What do you expect us to just be taking pregnancy tests EVERY WEEK just to make sure? No one knows they’re pregnant then. And what is in your body is MOST CERTAINLY not a fetus with a “heartbeat” then. I mean, people who desperately want kids don’t even usually TELL people they’re pregnant that early because anything could go wrong then! And guess what… this bill doesn’t allow any exceptions for rape or incest! This bill is cruel to everyone, no exceptions!


And let’s be clear, “no exceptions” is a gross, obvious way to say “We don’t care about you.” A “no exceptions” rule shows that… you actually are not the compassionate person you claim to be. “No exceptions” means you want that fetus to have to go through ANYTHING to get out here and then NOT GET ANY MORE SUPPORT FROM THE GOVERNMENT! Just when it’s in the body, that’s when it’s real.

“No exceptions” sucks. Period.