Enough pretending to be a scientist, dumdum.  

I am so sick of these anti-choice idiots trying to use science as a weapon against keeping abortion safe and legal.  Calling a 6-week ban a ‘heartbeat’ bill, saying fetuses can ‘feel pain’ (neither of these garbage pile legislations have any merit) and recently, a bunch of Franciscans are trying to show negative effects of having a medical abortion because less than two dozen rats they tested weren’t spinning in their wheels like they used to.  If you have to resort to a study on rats when there are more than enough women in the world who’ve had medical abortions to just ask, That says way more about what kind of sad and pathetic incel bro you are than it does about the facts behind abortion medicine. And, just throwing it out there, you guys impregnated rats just to give them a forced abortion?  Wow. That’s next level fucked up.

When it comes to making up science, it’s not just the rodent impregnators.  Here’s a quote from Doug Mastriano of Pennsylvania earlier this week, trying to justify a six week ban.  “This legislation will honor the science that shows more than 90 percent of all pregnancies are viable when a heartbeat is detected”.  Um, pretty sure that’s total horse shit otherwise there would be a wing in every pediatric center with incubators the size of a Rubik’s cube.  

I have a math degree (humble brag) so when I see someone has bastardized science, it’s doubly upsetting.  I’d draw a Venn diagram of religion and science but it would be two separate circles, one on this page, one on a page on another computer in another state.  If history has shown us anything, it’s that religion punishes science almost as much as it punishes women so please, keep your weird, rat abortion science off my body.