Wow so, suddenly, after years of not really giving a fuck, everyone no feels like they’re an expert on abortion and abortion rights. And let’s be CLEAR we are SUPER excited for people to join us, to fight hard and not let up. But let’s ALSO be clear: you are not REINVENTING the wheel here when it comes to abortion rights.

Here is an example of not helping. Of COURSE a dude thought this was the PERFECT time for him to write an op-ed on abortion! Oh yes, ladies, step aside, a REASONABLE MAN (who’s not on his period) has something to say. Something YOU MIGHT NOT have thought about before! Did you know Roe is NOT A FREE FOR ALL ABORTION ALL THE TIME BILL?. Did you know that … like literally every medical procedure… they don’t just LET you get one automatically?? DID YOU LADIES? And really, Democrats, we should emphasize THE RESTRICTIONS that come with Roe. Wait… what?????? Here is… something that he writes:

“So I’ve got a modest suggestion for every Democratic presidential candidate: Release a statement about the conditions under which you think abortion should be permitted and prohibited, and explain both.”

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. Here’s the thing, do you want like, fucking Beto being like “OK well, I think it’s OK if she was raped, by her father, but not by uncle… and if it’s after midnight, then like, she knew what she was getting.” NO YOU DON’T! And this may sound hyperbolic but there ARE fucking incest laws that DECIDE what incest they think is bad enough (and it doesn’t include cousins). AND FURTHER GUESS WHAT there are rape laws STILL around that say if you drank it’s your fault.

GUESS WHAT DECIDING THE SPECIFIC RESTRICTIONS YOU WANT TO PLACE ON ABORTION IS BULLSHIT MORAL REASONING NOT FOR THE REAL FUCKING WORLD. The only people who should get to decide if you can get an abortion are the doctor and the patient. People should not have to PROVE they deserve an abortion!!!! This is a MEDICAL PROCEDURE, YOU FUCKS! This is not a fucking hypothetical moral quandry.