Honestly, y’all, nothing we loved more than the enthusiasm we saw last week coming out of the LEGIT MONSTROSITY that was the new Georgia abortion law. We loved seeing people tweeting and getting furious and donating!

But just remember, for us, what happened last week was just kinda a business as usual week for us here, as we’ve been covering the erosion of abortion rights for a WHILE. I mean, that guy in Ohio who wanted to MAKE UP a medical procedure rather than like… believe women can understand their bodies… he was legit ridonkey kong. BUT across the United States anti-abortion troublemakers have been trying to ban safe medical procedures for YEARS. Take KENTUCKY who last week struck down a dilation and evacuation ban, because some politicians were like “We just want to make this a MORE COMPLICATED procedure than it has to be because we are COMPASSIONATE.” We can’t give up y’all, with people like this constantly knocking at the doors of abortion access.

And while we LOVE that y’all are donating to places like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, a really great and powerful and EFFECTIVE way to help people ON THE GROUND is to donate to INDEPENDENT providers! Because giving money to big orgs is great for sure, but SMALLER orgs really really need your cash! And they especially need it in Georgia because although the clinics ARE STILL OPEN the big campaign of people tweeting about this news is causing a lot of pregnant people in Georgia to be confused. SO, the clinics stays open and YOU donate to the clinic!

Here’s where to start:

Give some money to the badass activists and providers at the Feminist Women’s Health Center.

Then donate some time and money to the POWER House in Alabama.

Then give to ARC Southeast in Atlanta!

And then to the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund!

And finally (for now, but legit, we have a LONG list of places and you can just EMAIL us about it!) the activists at the Yellowhammer Fund are relentless and def need your money!