Just ask any of the candidates running around eating their fifth nutella-filled funnel cake: Iowa is a microcosm for America. I mean, Iowa signed THEIR 6-week ban BEFORE the South went full “well, fuck Roe anyway!” 

And so we now again, come to Iowa to say: WAKE UP, NATION, you are gonna end up hurting a lot of people. You already have!!

You see, let’s go back a little. You know how so many state try to cut funding through Planned Parenthood and they’re like “it’s my first amendment right to do this” or some bullshit (usually “Well not even a CENT of taxpayer money should go to ABORTION” haunted house music plays). Well, OK so, Iowa SUCCEEDED in cutting taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood. And they only had to fuck thousands of people over to do it! 

See they removed Planned Parenthood from a state program to help low income people get access to reproductive healthcare (we know, we know, it’s stupid. It’s a stupid idea to do this). And guess WHAT HAPPENED? Was everything magically fine?? NOPE! There was a 75% dropoff in people who used the service. That means more than 4k people who say the program when it started and thought “this will be a life-changer for me” COULDN’T use it in 2018 because of BULLSHIT performative Planned Parenthood outrage. “According to the report, the state reimbursed $211,966.70 to health providers in 2018. The Legislature has previously appropriated roughly $3 million for the program.” These are real, tangible numbers, real people that you can SEE being left behind. In real time!  People DIDN’T stop needing healthcare, y’all! 

And we say that Iowa is a microcosm for America because the federal government effectively defunded Planned Parenthood this year by restricting Title X regulations. Planned Parenthood lost out on millions of dollars PER STATE! You could say we can literally not imagine the implications. BUT JUST LOOK TO IOWA. Now think of that loss, times infinity!