We kid we kid with this headline. The Times has actually published a good deal of abortion-news related articles this year. And this week their editorial board addressed the issue of heartbeat bills and how they effectively ban abortion in an article titled “What Happens When Lawmakers Run Out of Abortion Restrictions to Pass.”

Here’s the thing: we all obviously know what the game plan is here! The fetus lovers are trying to signal to their orc fanbase that they’re willing to go hard, THE LAW OF THE LAND BE DAMNED! And they’re sacrificing… a lot of money and time to put on this dog and pony show. And also, more insidiously, they ARE trying to be the case that gets to the Supreme Court and overturns Roe. That’s why Kentucky will just KEEP trying to pass laws that have NO chance in hell of being upheld. And that’s why Mississippi, seeing that heartbeat bills have failed in LITERALLY EVERY OTHER CASE, is just gonna keep doubling down.

We get what is HAPPENING! But now the question is: what are we gonna do about it? We have to organize, we have to write letters, we have to petition, we have to vote.

But day to day, we also have to HELP. So please consider donating to NNAF so that people who can’t afford abortions have a chance! And sing this Reproductive Health Access Project petition to make medication abortion more available!