You know how there was that big news story last week about Ohio wanting to give people who have abortions the death penalty? Well, yeah, that was cuckoo bananas, but like any WTF thing it’s flame burned bright and then it was forgotten.

BUT there’s a HUGE BILL that is hideously anti-abortion that has ALREADY PASSED THE HOUSE and now is going to the Senate. Pro-choicers are fighting the good fight and speaking to the Senate Health committee today. AND we have a few things you can do EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIVE IN OHIO! Send an email to Ohio senator Larry Obhof here! And/or post a video of yourself on twitter saying why you think banning abortion at 6-weeks (a time most people don’t even know they’re pregnant) is truly monstrous! Use #StoptheBans (and tag us if you want a retweet). We’re gonna amplify the hard work of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio ALL WEEK!