We don’t necessarily want the other side to be… sincere. Like, we don’t agree with what they’re saying, it’s not gonna become MORE convincing to us if it’s wrapped in a bow of “I really mean this, this is all DEFINITELY not a facade!” But… you know, they could at least TRY?

The entire House panel yesterday on Title X was one big exercise in “We’re gonna get our way, we don’t even need to try.” While our side brought impassioned doctors who diligently showed how Title X can make people’s lives better and more fruitful and is necessary for public health (shoutout to Abortion Access Front’s Monica McLemore) … the other side brought a bunch of grifters who couldn’t answer a single question. Read this great Rewire writeup of the whole messy, frustrating event. At one point Diane Foley (refuse to call her a doctor, she has not earned it in having ANY care for patients and their wellbeing) argued that not being able to REFER for abortions isn’t the same as not being able to WINK at abortion. Like the word abortion is some kinda “voldemort” … it’s OK if THEY mention it but YOU must never. And like, we could just IMAGINE the sting videos some idiot fake journalist is gonna make where they’re like “Hey you know that procedure where you don’t have the fetus anymore” and they get some poor doctor to be like “yeah, abortion” and then are like GOT YOU.

The thing is, no one with any sincerity CAN say that adding these provisions to Title X is important. Because none of these people ACTUALLY care about Title X or the people it helps. They just care about the myth they’ve created around abortion.

And like, they can say ANYTHING because they have a president who’s saying things it is SOOOOO obvious he does not believe. At another rally he mentioned that every child is a “sacred gift from God.” And like… if we were anti-abortion people, we’d be MAD he was mocking us. Like, mad that he KNOWS he just has to do the bare minimum and all the anti-abortion sheep will fall in line. There’s NOT EVEN ONE STORY about Trump like, seeing a baby and being like “Oh so cute!” or saying something nice to a child or like… ANYTHING that would indicate this is a sincere statement. And yet.

And finally we close out with Utah who like, we think is prob pretty mad they didn’t get the memo about the Heartbeat bills this year and is thus unprepared! It’s MAYBE just this article but honestly you have to read about this Utah senator acting like he was shaken awake and was told he had ten minutes to prepare a speech about how much he hates abortion.

This reads like SUCH a first draft. And bro if this is an initiative, at least TRY to seem sincere. Each part is like “Justify that this is about hating abortion even though it’s just random!” Like… read this sentence “participants lined the stairs behind her, most of them wearing golden shirts that — according to Boyack — symbolized the light that babies bring into the world.” WHAT? How is that clear? How would people guess that?