Today was our second day of Operation Save Abortion and we had some real doozies.  It was tough finding where the biggest tire fires were but we found a couple that really sang for us…

Today’s OSA Crew:

  • Lizz Winstead @LizzWinstead Grand Puba
  • Jaye McBride @JayeMcbride Headwriter
  • Moji Alawode-El @mojilocks


Lizz brought us down memory lane of misogyny with Steve King that came with video of him showing his lack of legal knowledge.  Watch this video and try not to get outraged that this isn’t even what made Republicans finally realize that if America were a human body, Steve King’s office is where you’d put the hemorrhoid cream.

Moji gave us a run down of March for Life which she called “Coachella for antis” only without the fashion trends.  If you want to see what a shit show it is, check out this link. We’ll be there this week counter-protesting in person because we show up!!!

Not just speakers, but this band of Creed wannabes is playing the opening musical number.

Jaye tagged on this to let y’all in on the trailer for the soon-to-be panned movie ‘Roe v. Wade’, starring everyone who wasn’t talented enough to get cast in a Hallmark movie. It's going to “premiere” at March for Lives (it’s online now tho?).  It’s being directed by that ass worm that sued Sofia Vergara for her fertilized eggs because they “deserve to live.” Watch this trailer if you want to see a bunch of blasts from the past.

Also, happy birthday to the boy who never grew up past 5’ 7”—Ben Shapiro.  Since he’s been attacking our leader, Lizz, we just want to let him know that we ain’t going nowhere!

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