Here’s a story that happened recently in the office that we think illustrates perfectly the current cultural moment we are experiencing at Abortion Access Front. Our intern was talking about the musical The Prom and she said she thought it was preaching to the choir too much and that it wasn’t gonna change minds. After she said this our co-worker Molly said “FUCK the people who still don’t believe gay people are people, I want a musical about a beautiful lesbian couple.” Paraphrasing of course.

This is all to say: Abortion is healthcare. Abortion is safe. Abortion is legal.

We’re not necessarily trying to change the minds of the righteous here. I mean, those fucks have decided that Title X FAMILY PLANNING MONEY should just be used… to like teach people that sometimes you’re ovulating and sometimes you’re not. And that’s it. Sorry, you’re pregnant now. 

They’ve effectively stripped birth control access from people in rural areas, built tons of loopholes that poor people with limited time have to jump through, forced doctors to lie to patients about abortion access. AND THEY’VE SPAT IN THE FACE OF FUCKING SCIENCE. SCIENCE, literally, science. Literally they can look at a fact and say “That is not a fact.” 


And this is all to say, again, that abortion is healthcare. 

Our founder Lizz wrote this about speaking up and speaking often: We don’t say these things because it tests well in polling. We say these things because they need to be said out loud AND OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS it’s finally being said. We say these things because for 46 years anti abortion Zealots have shaped a narrative that overtly claimed the opposite. To normalize something you must remind people it’s normal and it’s always a rocky path in doing so. Abortion Access Front didn’t print Abortion AF shirts because we tested it to see if people would feel comfortable reading that. Quite the opposite. We did it so the public would ask questions, challenge us and have a dialogue about society’s and our own discomfort and stigma. We have to start with hard conversations and expand out of the stigmatizing norms that have been ingrained in us in order to make change. Elizabeth Warren said it last night, “why run for president if you are gonna tell us what we shouldn’t be fighting for” Abortion is healthcare, Abortion is Normal and my 130 visits to clinics that provide this care is what gives me the dedication to reiterate this important message.”