Enemies of truth, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt,  have been indicted for their Final Cut failure trying to use edited, undercover video to prove Planned Parenthood was running some kind of 1-800- Parts – 4 – Kids operation.

grand jury in Harris County who was investigating Planned Parenthood to see if they were selling baby parts cleared PP but were like — oh shit, it’s you anti-choice mofo’s over here who are in trouble.

AHAHAHAHA. Gotcha biatches.

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt are both being indicted for tampering with a governmental record (a second-degree felony) and Daleiden, the pied piper of this shitstorm, is also looking at a misdemeanor for what he said Planned Parenthood was doing, the purchase of human organs. (Oh the irony, what a perfect visual of the don’t throw stones axiom, or in this case, fake baby parts!)

NOW, lets get all these assbags who knowingly wielded these fake videos as evidence, who wasted tax dollars on committees, who defunded much needed clinics on a lie, they should also have consequences for their actions. Like 20 years in a cell.