Well, the time has come to talk about polling. Sure, our side  had the cast of The Handmaid’s Tale literally talk about how close we are to the dystopian future of this book that WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A WARNING (and also a reminder). But yeah, sure, whatever let’s talk about fucking polls and read another stupid article about how “Look y’all, let’s be incremental.” FUCK incrementalism y’all, guess what, the world is on fire, we don’t have time to individually decide what items to save. WE GOTTA PUT THIS FIRE OUT!

So anyway, we read this Slate article today titled “Abortion Funding Isn’t As Popular As Democrats Think” based on like, the writer’s analysis of a million different polls. Guess what… 2020 Democrats… 2019 Congress… it’s your job to convince people why this has to be part of our platform. Look you interview 20 bozos on the street of course some are gonna be like “I don’t want MY money going to abortion.” You know why? Cuz people are jerks. Cuz people often don’t think about anyone but themselves. Cuz people will vote against their self-interest. And like, let’s be clear, ending Hyde IS still popular among Democrats. It’s not like, a 100% slam dunk, but what is.

We’re glad that Planned Parenthood is hosting these events for 2020 candidates to learn about the issue, cuz … we really can’t take any middle of the line bullshit this year. WE JUST CAN’T. End Hyde. People are gonna be weird about polls about tax dollars FOREVER. It’s time to convince people not to be so effing nearsighted and to again… again… see that we are on FIRE!