• Sunday, July 17th
    11AM – 6:30PM ET
    A full day of training on abortion activism!

Wanna protect abortion access but don't know how?

Stock the fridge, gather your friends because you’re gonna throw an activist house party!
You provide the snacks and OPERATION SAVE ABORTION will provide EVERYTHING ELSE you need to get your activist on!

Here’s the deal: Sunday, July 17th, the coolest abortion activists and experts from around the country are gathering for a supercharged all-day training experience that will be livestreamed into YOUR living room, to guide you and your posse toward all the different ways you can join this fight. 

The day will be a series of five, 45-minute conversations covering different areas of abortion advocacy. In between each panel discussion, there will be 25 minute house party breakout sessions where you will discuss, brainstorm, and take action with who you are gathered to watch with. When you register, guides will be provided about the day and each session so you can have supplies for each panel. Ex: Pens, paper, printed materials, and more. We will close out the day with a robust Q/A session, comedy from the amazing Joyelle Nicole Johnson, and set you up for your next steps. 

Did you know you can protect abortion access by:
Volunteering to escort patients past the throngs of harassholes outside of clinics?
Connecting patients with financial assistance through your local abortion fund?
Putting your mad powers of persuasion to work talking to politicians about abortion?

These are just a few examples of the many opportunities you and your squad will learn about in OSA’s interactive sessions from the grassroots organizations doing this work. At the end of your training day, you’ll be able to sign up, dive in, and immediately start making change in your community.

Read on below for common questions and answers on the event:

Are there captions?
Here are some options for turning on live captions in your internet browser if you're watching the stream on Crowdcast
If you're watching the stream on Youtube here is a guide to turning on captions there.

Will there be Spanish Language Captions? 
Once the event is over we will be translating the sessions and uploading versions of the sessions with Spanish captions and Spanish toolkits to our website and Youtube channel.

I can't make it, will the event be recorded?
Yes! The sessions will be immediately available to watch afterward on the @AbortionAccessFront Youtube channel.

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