Every week we read news stories about abortion that make us FLAMING MAD! I mean, did you see this nonsense “heartbeat” bill out of Iowa! Or how about the completely out of left field move where South Carolina added a FULL abortion ban onto their D&E ban. And Louisiana is nearing a 15 week ban. AND THAT’S JUST THE BANS THAT HAVE TO DO WITH WEEKS!

People might say we’re ov(ary)acting when we say that all of this could lead to overturning Roe, that what is happening is a sign of a larger, scary shift away from reproductive rights, but to that we say… we have the receipts!

This week, we’re tackling fake clinics and fake facts! Texas requires abortion providers to give some anti-abortion fan fiction to patients called “A Woman’s Right to Know.” Bad, surely. But now the Office of Refugee Resettlement wants to distribute the material to ALL immigrant shelters. SO MUCH WORSE!


Allow Molly to explain why this is so crazy and dangerous (but also, part of a larger pattern):

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