Kellyanne Conway is getting a lot of heat over her comments about “alternative facts.” I don’t know why. As she will tell you herself, she never said it. In fact, she’s not even Kellyanne Conway.

See what we did there? To a lot of people this Trumpian “1984 meets Gaslight” world of “alternative facts” (that’s actually an alternative term for “lies”) is frightening and new. But anyone involved in the struggle for abortion rights has been battling a deluge of “alternative facts” about reproductive rights for decades.

Among the lies that abortion opponents have been pushing for years is the “fact” that fetuses experience pain during an abortion (in fact: the fetus cannot feel pain until the 27th week of pregnancy at the earliest.) They also love to tell women that abortion is dangerous (actually, it’s 10 times safer than childbirth). They falsely claim that abortion increases the chances of breast cancer (there’s zero evidence for that!) and that women who have abortions are more likely to suffer mental health issues (totally debunked by numerous studies.)

Rightwing abortion opponents completely fabricated the myth of the “partial birth abortion,” a non-medical term that they invented. And don’t even mention the faked videos claiming that Planned Parenthood sold baby parts. They affected Carly Fiorina so much that she created an entire alternative fact-based movie in her mind.

As LPJL told you last year, Texas actually mandates that women seeking an abortion be given a booklet jam-packed with lies and disinformation about the procedure! And then there are the phony (often state-supported) “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” set up specifically to feed fake facts to frightened and desperate women.

It’s interesting to note that Kellyanne Conway’s “facts” always depend on who is paying her. Before she worked for Donald Trump, she was with the Ted Cruz campaign, where she derided Trump as “unpresidential” and “vulgar.” Oh, and before she worked for Ted Cruz, she had a job pushing elderly people down stairs while shouting racial epithets. You may not have known such a job existed, but it’s an established alternative fact.

Just remember this Alternative Fact: You can’t spell “Kellyanne Conway” without “Liar!”