Sometimes, if you are a white man, you get a profile in courage for saying things like “Hey, women are treated unfairly sometimes.” That’s it, but you get a standing ovation.

BUT SOMETIMES, you get a “Profile in Courage” for showing up every day and grinding against the bastards! Even if it’s something small, even if it might not get passed, it’s important to be on the offense sometime even if you’re in a state that constantly puts you on the defense.

And that brings us to Georgia and HB 746. If you will recall, LESS than a full human calendar year ago (AHHHH WHAT IS TIME NOW) Georgia passed a “heartbeat bill” igniting people into a fury on twitter for… a week or two. And then a bunch of other states passed them too and everything was bad but the ACLU blocked them all (for now)!

Enter HB 746 this year, even with the looming threat of a TOTAL BAN Georgia politicians are trying to pass a bill that would make it so pregnant people are NOT FORCED to view an ultrasound before having an abortion. It may seem, like the bare minimum, BUT THINK ABOUT WHAT EFFING STATE THIS IS IN. It’s dope. It’s dope to stand up to the big powers in your state. They’re BULLIES. They treat pregnant people like trash. AND THEY HAVE SO MUCH POWER. But no, you, pro-abortion politicians, can fight back a little every day. PLAYING OFFENSE!!

“Abortion is the taking of a human life. So we want to help women make better choices,” says the anti-abortion talking piece. No SHIT what you are trying to do is change people’s minds through manipulation. WE KNOW. We’d… love to see any data of how many people change their minds. And then some data on how much forcing someone to see the ultrasound distresses a very SURE IN THEIR DECISION patient. 

Anyway, we want to celebrate people who try to pass pro-abortion laws in anti-abortion states. And people who live in and do activist work in hostile to abortion states. You are fighting the good fight. And you can win!