Look, we’re gonna keep sharing bummer town with you over on Twitter. Like… the fact that Texas is getting away with banning abortion while keeping MEGACHURCHES OPEN. Truly, “listen to the doctors” has never been more apt. Or the fact that telemedicine could help so many people get the abortion bill but states refuse to loosen restrictions. And that the abortion pill is safe but that there’s still too many bullshit rules about mailing it.

Fuck OK, bummer town over now. Because we want to get to some great videos people have been sending us over the past two weeks as part of our Abortion Is Essential campaign! 

First we had a wonderful passionate video from our own Molly Gaebe. Then activist Stephanie Martin told the story of why her abortion was ESSENTIAL and so are all abortions. And third Liz Gustafson of NARAL Connecticut thanked everyone still providing care and reminded us, “Any delay in receiving time-sensitive healthcare, especially abortion, is a threat to public health.” 

We also have been doing a project along with Capital Care Escorts called “Forty Days for Faithful Choice.” The anti-abortion movement uses Lent as a time to spew their hatred even louder in a program called “Forty Days For Life.” So to counteract that we talked to some religious activists who believe their faith informs their decision to be pro-abortion. “I think that ultimately Christianity is about compassion and non-judgment towards others,” says clinic escort Helmi. And activist Holly tells us, “I think that it's only natural to be pro-choice, to address these sacred vessels that God has given us and know that when it is the right time to have a baby then maybe you will. But if it's not then you don't have to.” 

These are just some of the projects we’re working on now and we hope to get even more videos! Sometimes we feel hopeful when we see amazing activists out there, doing the work!

But OK, back to bummer town real quick, we found this video from an anti-abortion bro who says he’s part of the “bro-life movement” and we… have to share! NOT OK!