We’ve been cooped up inside for a while and y’all, we are maybe going a little “finished all our puzzles” stir-crazy.

We know all our brains are going to the worst case scenario and stressing and freaking out and panic buying like, packs of twizzlers. So, let’s focus on ONE THING, one thing at a time! And that’s… of course… you guessed it … DRINKING!

LOL jk jk jk, but today, since we’re all staying in (or we SHOULD BE, DON’T BE RIDICULOUS) the AAFront crew is asking you to drink a beer and donate to us. Because, one beer-guzzling fool on SCOTUS shouldn’t determine our future in June vs. Russo

Drink a beer and donate because states are still trying to pass abortion “reversal” bills (not a thing) (Tennessee) and amendments to their constitution that say abortion isn’t protected (Kentucky), or trigger rules that say Roe is immediately overturned in their state if Roe gets overturned federally (Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, and South Dakota already have ‘em). DRINK DRINK DRINK AND DONATE, because even in these uncertain times Abortion Access Front is gonna give you the news, daily, on our show Operation Save Abortion

Donate, drink, stay safe!