Missouri State Representative Rick Brattin (R) wants to force Planned Parenthood to build a memorial dedicated to aborted fetuses. He says Missouri should pass the new legislation to ensure that Planned Parenthood is properly honoring fetuses, because yet again, the enemies of science don’t want to honor women, children and families with access to the medical care they need. Rather, they demand we only honor the fetus. This is some next level obsession.


How is this shit even allowed to be proposed, you ask? Well, under Missouri’s homicide laws, the state recognizes fetuses as potential victims. Therefore, the “throw women under the bus” caucus in their state legislature want to make sure that every cluster of dead cells is an opportunity to shame women. Also, we definitely need a place to go to when we want to contemplate all the memories we shared with fetuses that were never born. So necessary.

Representative Brattin has yet to comment on the feasibility of a memorial for women who die of cancer because closing Planned Parenthood clinics will deny them access to screenings and medical care.

But most importantly, what about a memorial for Rick Brattin’s dead brain?