Last Month, the staff at Philadelphia Women’s Center and Cherry HIll Women’s Center  graciously welcomed team LPJL into their clinic to learn more about the day to day life of an abortion provider. The experience was invaluable and it left us feeling invigorated in our fight to protect reproductive fights across all 50 states!

Staff members shared some notes with us that they said it would be OK to share with you. The sidewalk yellers outside of clinics relentlessly harass patients every day. It can be hard to imagine just how bad it is until you see it firsthand. But to give you an idea of the emotional toll these anti-choice extremists place on people, here’s a look at 50 comments these patients have left for the people protesting:

  1. Don’t you have something better to do? No life.
  2. What is life, my homie
  3. Fuck off, you don’t know what anyone’s situation is! Judgemental assholes! And yes Jesus still loves me!
  4. You should stay home and keep your rude thoughts to yourself. These girls are already having a hard time. Leave them alone!
  5. Forgiveness. Do not judge.
  6. If you have time to sit outside with signs then I suggest you have all that extra time to adopt children! Or foster a set of 4 children. PS. God doesn’t like ugly. FU
  7. Protesters make it hard because some people might already feel some type of way about the decisions there getting reading to make and protesters don’t make it any easier
  8. “You’re tacky and I hate you” harassment is illegal, abortion isn’t!
  9. The protestor’s made me feel like I can’t make choices with my own body. Like they are forcing their beliefs on me. And I cannot make my own decisions or research. I already have 2 children me and my husband do the best we can. This was the best options for our family. .
  10. This is such a very hard decision to make and very upsetting! Your presence just makes it worse!
  11. It’s not all fun and games… if you would stop to consider some of the adverse circumstances that brought me here today your christian heart would STOP protesting.
  12. Pray at home you freaks.
  13. You would never be able to walk in my shoe! Don’t judge me!
  14. I was raped. I don’t need to be judged too.
  15. Have you ever been raped?
  16. You make a heart wrenching situation even harder on a woman’s heart and soul. You add fear where there should be love compassion and understanding. Even if you don’t understand. You’re bullies!
  17. You don’t know why people are here, medical reasoning, you make me sick always everyone’s entitled to their beliefs but keep to yourself.
  18. You not the one taking care of the child!
  19. This decision is hard enough for people to make so you need to mind your fucking business and go find someone else to harass. Get.
  20. How much do you have to give me financially to support this pregnancy. I eat a lot!
  21. You make us more upset then we already are! You don’t know maybe we are making the right decision and not bringing a baby into a hectic world.
  22. It is a women’s right to do what she needs to do with her own BODY. No one should have the right to interfere with that.
  23. God allow us options so we can have a brighter future. Never judge a book by its cover. Never know the situation.
  24. You do not know everyone’s situation and their reasons. You are no one to judge!
  25. You have no idea what the circumstances are that us women have to make this hard decision!
  26. This process saved my life, god NEVER DID
  27. Go read business insider. Bring a child to the world is the more destructive to the environment!!! #TeamNoKids
  28. You have NO idea what the situation is we know what Abortion is!
  29. I wonder if your time would be better spent volunteering somewhere. You could work at a food kitchen, drive women to doctors appts, run a free daycare, a free after school program. Do something productive that will benefit the community. Standing on a corner is a waste of time and life.
  30. It’s none of your business <3
  31. I feel its so wrong for my daughter to have walk pass the protesters on her way to do what she needs for her and her family's life. It already a hard thing to come to terms with but to have see or hear others with their opinions telling her there are other choices as if that has not been already considered.
  32. You preach with your close minded thoughts yet have NO CLUE why some people are here for. Birth defect risk: HIGH. Finances- none, home environment- terrible  
  33. They have no idea of the situation and easy to judge from behind a poster. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes and then judge.
  34. You try being raped
  35. Until you’ve walked it dont judge it.
  36. We have abortions for many respons no mother wants to take a life, trust me
  37. Some of us can not carry a baby for 9-10 months and then give it up for adoption! And then there are reasons we ourselves can NOT keep the baby. What if it was YOUR daughter going through this.
  38. Some of us aren’t financially stable or have a child who is young who needs our full attention and a baby would compliance the situation. The baby doesn’t ask to be brought into a hectic world so if we can avoid that why wouldn’t we?
  39. Lil bitchass
  40. I understand you but you not the one with the responsibility
  41. Let God handle the situation he knows the heart of the ladies and why they make the choice
  42. I am not ashamed
  43. Maybe spend your time doing something productive. Go to a homeless shelter and donate food. Screaming at people for getting an abortion is useless.
  44. Do not judge- you are not God. God is kind- forgiving- merciful
  45. Get a life
  46. I think you stink! Mind your business!
  47. Don’t judge
  48. Go fuck yourself!
  49. Please stop acting like you care because if you care because if you truly care then you would understand already
  50. Protesters- bringing a loved one to this establishment is hard enough. Giving us such grief while upon entering says to me how narrow minded you are: The young lady sitting next to me has stage two breast cancer and other children at home. You can spread your words it is america (Freedom of Speech) however thou shall not Judge so I suggest you put down those rosary beads and really listen to what god is telling you. I really don’t think what you are doing is what the power above has intended. No need to keep me anonymous my name is Rebecca I have six children and I am Pro Choice.