This week LPJL was all about what we’re all about—being in-your-face funny where it’s needed most. We were out there on the streets and on the road, bringing attitude and help wherever either was called for. If you want a great summary of our unique brand of militant hilarity, check out this article in Teen Vogue this week from LPJL’s own Solange, who was with us on the road.  

We brought comfort to clinics and confrontation to the harass-holes who harangue the clinics. And all of that without once losing site of the Supreme Court nomination fight taking place even as we out-yell the clinic yellers.

This week our Vagical Mystery Tour swept into Indiana, where we did a show in South Bend to benefit Whole Woman’s Health who are working to bring a new clinic to a state where the anti-vag pussy posse members have done their best to run them all out of town. WWH has been fighting to open a clinic in South Bend while trying to prevent a FAKE clinic from opening next door before they even get up and running!

And while they’re opening an actual clinic, they’re in court fighting to get rid of all the TRAP laws, consent laws, waiting periods, and other crap designed to make repro rights un-accessible in Indiana. Whole Woman’s Health is literally the name of the Supreme Court decision that reaffirmed those very rights: Whole Woman’s Health vs Hellerstedt. And we’re going to make sure they stay affirmed.  

And while we were in the area, we took the opportunity to hit Indianapolis and whip up a face full of shock & mockery for the uterine patrolmen who were holding their “Summer of Justice” farce. And we took special care to save some personalized ridicule for the SOJ Headliner of Hate, the notorious “Activist Mommy.” She’s a vile reeker who loves to spit poison at LGBQT people and promote child abuse. We exposed her as the Activist Mommy Dearest that she really is. And it took more than a few thrift shop costuming trips—check out the video!

We’re out in the states because whether the Supreme Court is supportive or hostile to repro rights, the shit they do hits the fans at the state level. We saw that played out all week in Indiana, as the sidewalk screamers in Fort Wayne forced one clinic to shut down with threats and harassment, while Arizona tries to find a backchannel to personhood laws by treating fertilized frozen embryos as full-fledged people. And in Texas, they want to force mothers to perform burials or cremations for any aborted, miscarried or ectopic pregnancy.  

And yes, the SCOTUS nomination fight is absolutely vital, not just for abortion rights, but for access to birth control and so much more. Here again is your handy list of what you CAN DO to prevent the Kavanagh nightmare from happening. Because if it does, it’s going to felt everywhere. So until that threat is over, we’re going to be everywhere. (Next week in Minnesota, but everywhere in general!)