The Flyover States are striking back!

The “health care plan” from the House Republicans/Trump Administration/Loins of Satan will be a bluster-fuck for abortion rights across the board–from defunding Planned Parenthood to torpedoing abortion coverage under virtually any circumstances.

But hidden in the diabolical web of denied coverage for preexisting conditions, evisceration of Medicaid, and blanket rejection of abortion rights, is a provision so insidious that it must have come to Paul Ryan during a butt-kissing ceremony with the Dark Lord himself.

The provisions in the bill that deny abortion coverage will also end up leaving millions of residents of New York and California without subsidies or tax credits to help pay for their health insurance.

Here’s how it hurts: Both New York and California–in righteous defiance of the Red State rush to strike down abortion rights–have laws that mandate abortion coverage for all individual health plans sold in the states. BUT the new American Health Care Act (AHCA) denies federal subsidies from being applied to any plans that cover abortion, i.e. ALL individual plans in NY & CA.

So ANYONE buying an individual health plan in New York or California will have to pay thousands more for their health insurance than someone in any other state. Sprinkle THAT on your quinoa and kale salad, lib-tards!

It’s pure EVIL GENIUS! They’re punishing anyone with the gall to live in a state that treats humans…. like human beings!

Republicans have been crowing about how this healthcare bill from Hell will “give the states more choices.” Well, yes, as long as that choice is to screw diabetics out of coverage for preexisting conditions. But if a state wants to provide coverage for a constitutionally protected medical procedure… well they can shove it up their ass next time they get a gravity colonic at the holistic health center.