You know in the presidential debate when then candidate Trump talked about ripping babies from the womb in the ninth month as a form of abortion? And you were like “This is just wrong and hopefully we will not ever have to think about it again because everyone can realize it is wrong.”

Well, because we live in truly the worst nightmare timeline, instead of this just being a stupid remark it’s become… a hill every right winger wants to die on.

And so it goes that during the State of the Union last night we had to once again hear about how important and beautiful babies are from a person who, again, ripped REAL babies from their parents when they tried to seek asylum.

We are very very tired of having to say that OBVIOUSLY at nine months PEOPLE ARE NOT JUST CASUALLY HAVING ABORTIONS! It’s just so disingenuous and offensive that the other side has decided to grip onto this obvious lie and just roll with it. Because the people who are actually hurt by these kinds of bans are people who have maybe picked out the crib, painted the room, planned for a birth, and then are given the worst news of their life. And that worst news is followed by constantly having to hear idiot sidewalk screamers and anti-abortion jerks sneer at them  and make their medical planning harder.

So we’d just encourage everyone to read and share these stories this week. First the story on Abortion Patients: “The stories we hear being told about later abortion in this national discussion are not our stories. They do not reflect our choices or experiences. These hypothetical patients don’t sound like us or the other patients we know. The barbarous, unethical doctors in these scenarios don’t sound like the people who gave us compassionate care.”

And also read and force those PRAISING the State of the Union to read these heartbreaking stories from the Guardian.

And just stop this lie about people wanting to terminate a pregnancy at 9 months just for fun. It’s not true and it’s very hurtful. It emboldens extremists who want to hurt providers by giving them ammo that’s completely false. And it has to stop!