Here’s what we learned after watching hours of boys play video games in high school: he’s not gonna fuck you just cuz you compromise who you are for him. And even if he does fuck you… it’ll be bad.

And that’s what we say to this whole “safe, legal, and rare” thing too. Sure, maybe it was started because we wanted to like… get on the level of the whole “Well I support it, but it’s not for me” people in which case… we’re all adults here, you know. WHO are you trying to appeal to that you have to keep bringing up “it’s not for you”? Like it’s fine to actually believe “I support abortion but would maybe not have one.” BUT THAT IS NOT A WHOLE POLITICAL OPINION. You don’t have to be like “I support free speech, but I also don’t like talking too much.” You just support it and you support personal decisions! And DUH that means that some people have them and some people don't. 

The other side isn’t gonna MAGICALLY be like “OK fine, we AGREE to this now. We LIKE that you prostrated yourself to us!” They’re JUST gonna be like “OK dope so we agree, so we’re gonna make this rape victim jump through a hundred hoops to make sure she was really raped. Thanks for agreeing with us!”

“Rare” implies… no wait RARE EXPLICITLY SAYS “this is a thing you should be ashamed of.” If you want fewer abortions ask yourself why! Of COURSE it’s GOOD to want more access to other forms of birth control too. It’s GOOD to think “we should raise children so that they’re aware of ALL kinds of birth control and have complete control of their reproductive freedom.” It’s NOT good to think “And abortion should be the absolute LAST option.” BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW PEOPLE’S LIVES. It is another person decision that you DON'T need to weigh in on with your moralizing. 

Enough with the moralizing! It’s not helping anyone. Moralizing in healthcare GUESS WHAT??  Never helps. It just prevents people from seeking healthcare. 

So fuck off with that.