We  wanted to send all our love this week to Charlotte! A Preferred Women's Health Center of Charlotte is relentlessly under attack by 100’s of anti-abortion jerks, but it’s been really ramped up recently. And tomorrow the Orcs are planning a big protest of the clinic with “thousands of people” (in quotes because we hope they overestimate themselves). It’s a true nightmare for people trying to get care and go to their job to PROVIDE care.

We’re asking you to send all your love to Charlotte this weekend and to show your solidarity by sharing these images! We’re sure they’d love coffee and donuts too… but the truly fucked up thing is you can’t send them things because, obviously, they’re afraid that things they receive will be from anti-choicers trying to harm them. So if you do want to help more, please write to us and we can help you reach out about volunteer or donating!

And again, send your love online to remind the people who work there how much stronger the love is than the hate!