“Six A.M/ Day after Christmas/ I throw some clothes on in the dark”

Hmm, do they have to ALL be hypocrites? Wanna guess what Scott Lloyd’s — who tried to deny Jane Doe her abortion, who tried to stop a woman from taking the second pill in her medication abortion, who funnels refugees to fake clinics — super villain anti-abortion story is? That’s right, his girlfriend had an abortion. And he drove her! And he made it all about him! So much so that he seems to have dedicated his life to being anti-abortion. Except in cases of rape, incest, or, you know, when it’s your college girlfriend and you’re like, real torn up about it. These people, we cannot. Look fine, you don’t personally like abortion, but doesn’t the fact that you had the experience (and it was rough but you got through it) prove that no two stories are the same and that maybe you could be sympathetic to other people’s stories. Nope? No it just proves that now you’ve gotta prevent other people from doing the thing you were privileged enough to do? Oh, ok, got it.

Moving on to the rest of the news:

Imagine having control of the house and the senate and still not being able to accomplish anything.

Do these U.S. Senators remind you of Lucy with the football when it comes to Kavanaugh?

Honestly, it feels like laws written forever ago should just… automatically be off the books.