Alabama lawmakers are trying to make YOUR womb the “safest place in the world.” Right now, two very dangerous anti-choice bills are being voted on and you NEED to know about them! Other states are starting to vote on similar bills and it could reach YOUR state before you can compose a tweet complaining that Julia Roberts was named People’s Most Beautiful Person (in the world).

Here’s what you need to know:

HB95 (Health Care Rights of Conscience Act) is a bill that would let pharmacists refuse to sell you birth control or Plan B (emergency contraception) because of their religious beliefs. It also allows doctors to refuse abortion care because it ‘violates their conscience.”

Alabama’s separation of church and state has us all “Here’s the church, here’s the steeple… look inside… Alabama’s run by crazy people.”

HB98 is a constitutional amendment that allows the citizens of Alabama to vote on “taking away your federally protected constitutional right to an abortion.” Basically, in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned and abortion law decisions go back to the states, HB98 will make abortion completely illegal in the state of Alabama.

If this bill is passed, ‘The Heart of Dixie’ will turn into ‘The Heart of Darkness.’

You can thank Rep. Matt Fridy (R-Alabama), Rep. Arnold Mooney (R-Indian Springs) and Senator Paul L. Sanford (R-Huntsville) for their unwanted public service by sponsoring these bills. Rep. Fridy said, “When Roe goes abortion goes back to the states. We are going to be ready to do our job and outlaw abortion in Alabama. The womb for women in this state will be the safest place in the world. A lot of people don’t like what we are doing and they are throwing up roadblocks.”

Anti-choice “activist” Hannah Ford said, “These bills and the fact that we have a day set aside for them is amazing; we need to be as encouraging and supportive as possible for our representatives who face a barrage of opposition by way of phone calls and emails. Our presence Thursday will be a huge encouragement to them to keep pushing for the complete eradication of abortion and the protection of human life in the State of Alabama.”

If this doesn't make you want to 4/20 hard, we don’t know what will!

WATCH the vote happening right now on the Alabama Senate floor!!!

And if you’re in Alabama, TAKE ACTION!