Anti-abortion politicians trying to halt abortion completely in their state, must be a Tuesday! But it’s REALLY fresh this time, because they’re trying to EXPLOIT the crisis to make it about THEM. A real great use of politicians and courts time right now is… ANYTHING BUT ARGUING ABOUT THE ESSENTIALNESS OF ABORTION, next QUESTION!

And it’s especially fresh that anti-abortion people are arguing that clinics are somehow HOARDING MASKS. What is it… are clinics dumps of sin OR places where real doctors perform essential services with essential equipment?? CAN’T BE BOTH, ANTI-ABORTION PEOPLE. And also it’s not… hoarding masks to HAVE masks. It is… legit terrifying that we live in a time where you have to JUSTIFY using medical equipment… as a doctor.

But you know, the terror aside, anti-abortion people are HELL BENT on saying “naw, just wait like… nine months to get your abortion.” This information is changing constantly so we’d suggest going to this amazing Rewire article that keeps updating as news breaks. But so far in Alabama and Ohio a judge BLOCKED the rule from the state and the clinics remain open (for now). In Texas a judge did block the order too, but then the Fifth Circuit (the devil) stayed that order, so Texas clinics have to keep arguing to stay open. Oklahoma and Iowa have active challenges. Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Nebraska, and Louisiana all are in murky waters.  

That’s terrifying! So much of this country is in danger of slipping away and we could face unprecedented clinic closures if we don’t act soon. We’ve got something big brewing. But for today, we want to do a little walkthrough with you as to how many of these states have been trying to ban abortion way before covid. A little, acid trip down memory lane of all the bad, gross, terrible legislation that makes these places trying to close clinics now … seem inevitable.


Here’s a fun fact about Iowa, you know how last year a bunch of states tried to pass 6-week bans and everyone was up in arms? Iowa did that shit in 2018. And before it became pandemic 24/7 they were trying to get a measure on the ballot that said that the Iowa state constitution didn’t protect the right to abortion. A good use of everyone’s time! Also, I’ll repeat this every time, Iowa completely fucked over the health and safety of people in their state because they wanted to defund Planned Parenthood. NOTICE A PATTERN? 


Y’all, we just say Texas, and you know. But Texas was part of a SUPREME COURT case in 2016, Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt, because that was how predatory its politicians were when it came to closing clinics. Whole Woman’s won! Texas is also home to one of the more predatory grifter anti-abortion fake clinics: Obria. Oh, Texas is also home to several of the weenies trying to make “sanctuary cities” for the unborn. Just some highlights here! We don’t have all day. 


You know that Supreme Court case Texas won? Well, Louisiana copied that law and then somehow didn’t get a huge slap on the wrist but instead got to TRY the case in front of the fucking Supreme Court this year. Because apparently we as a nation reward insolence. 


Kentucky TOO is part of the “let’s just add to our Constitution that we hate people with uteruses” crew. They also passed another bill that gives their AG even more power to torment clinics. This was like… two weeks ago. 


While other states passed bullshit “heartbeat” bills last year, Alabama said “Hold my beer” and just passed a total ban. Of course they’d use a pandemic to try to end abortion care… they’d use anything.


At the beginning of this month Ohio’s senate voted to BAN telemedicine abortions. Medication abortion is INCREDIBLY safe and… now honestly would be the perfect time to use telemedicine to receive it. Hmmm, it’s almost like it’s disengeous to now argue that these clinics are hoarding medical supplies when you just voted that people HAVE to go to the clinics. 


Oh boy, where to begin here. Telemedicine, banned. Minor must get parental consent. Trigger law that says abortion would be overturned if Roe v. Wade goes away. Patient must get an ultrasound to get an abortion. Passed a 15-week abortion ban, overturned. Passed a 6-week abortion ban, blocked. A mess


The governor wants to make abortion a Class C felony. They are trying to pass a bill to make the abortion doctor show the ultrasound, give a description of the ultrasound, and play the “heartbeat.” Also they want to ban abortion before 6 weeks. So basically, all types of bans. 


Telemedicine is also fucking banned here! A minor must get parental consent. Also earlier this year the governor held… a STATEWIDE PRAYER TO END ABORTION! Did he… cause this pandemic? Look we’re just asking the questions.