An election doesn’t make a movement, and it won’t break a movement


Last night, we sat on the floor of the Lady Parts Justice League HQ and talked. Through our tears we were honest about our fears and how we could use those fears to grow our wonderful group into an even bigger love juggernaut. We talked about fearing an escalation of the already terrifying sexist, racist and homophobic attacks many of us experience each day. As the numbers rolled in it became increasingly clear that we wouldn’t be breaking any glass ceilings. We gathered to console each other, but also to come up with a Plan B. We talked about feeling scared, hurt, and vulnerable, and then we discussed new ways in which we would need to empower and invigorate our organizing

Politicians have never prioritized women, women of color, poor women or vulnerable human beings who are desperately fighting to exist safely in the world. We have always had to prioritize ourselves and demand our voices be heard.

We knew this before, but last night, that became clearer — and we need to become stronger. And we will!

Lady Parts Justice League operates with the fundamental understanding that no matter who wins elections, people will always need access to affordable birth control and safe abortion. Our organizing did not start — and will not end — at the ballot box! Our mission is to provide comfort, strength and morale-boosting projects to heroic clinic workers in all 50 states. Many of those states continue to be run by politicians who have never made it easy for them. They have never stopped fighting, and we take our cues and get our inspiration from their tireless work. They lead by example, and it is our job to take that lead and show them they are not forgotten.

If you give a shit about the people who are going to be subjected to the new “Great” America, here’s the deal: Lady Parts Justice League is not going anywhere. We have created a proactive creative space where we live our humanity out loud. Everyday, through our work and deeds, we can remind each other and the patients and providers we support that humanity is alive and thriving. Now we know EXACTLY what we are up against. There’s no more room for sitting in silence or walking away from those difficult, awkward conversations with loved ones who perpetuate a hate culture. There’s nothing cute about joking you will flee across borders or abandoning ship. It’s time to start thinking, plotting and supporting one another. If you say you’re leaving, you’re part of the problem.

So in the wake of this election, please take some time to mourn and take care of yourself — it’s called for and necessary. But then pick yourself up, and let’s get back to work. We want to offer Lady Parts Justice League as a place you can bring your feelings and turn them into energy that works for positive change. Bring your uncertainty, your fear, your anger and your hope — and, together, we can start to build. We can’t be simply reactionary. We can’t wait around for the next blunder as though it’ll be the wake-up call. It’s not about that anymore, it’s about understanding the profundity of your role and how essential each and every one of you are to keeping women in control of their bodies.

We’ve been touched already by an outpouring of support from friends and supporters who want to get involved and get on the ground with us. No matter how awful and hateful the rest of the world becomes, we have to believe in the redemptive power of our people — remarkable people who can fill the bleakest, most depressing room with laughter and compassion. We’re lucky to interact with you — our supporters, our collaborators, our partners in getting big shit done — who understand how crucial it is to stand and be counted for this cause.

From the abortion providers and clinic workers to the activists and organizers, it’s up to us as a community to hold rank and continue this difficult, treacherous fight. The election results are heartbreaking, but they are also mobilizing AF! Be safe. Be ready. Be strong. Vigilance has to continue to be our way of life and our call to action.


Lizz and the LPJL Team