Here at LPJL we obviously never would ever say “pro-life” unless it was to make a point with a huge exaggerated eye roll and a righteous flurry of anger. SO ENTER THIS United Nations story! We’d like to like… at least pretend… that at any time the United States was a progressive lodestar (lolololol)… or idk, at least not completely hopeless, jesus christ does it feel like we’re a big effing joke now.

Any way, so the United States is now “united” with China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and more countries in OPPOSING a UN resolution to combat “the use of rape as a weapon of war.” YES I GUESS WE ARE PRO-RAPE NOW, PRO-RAPE IF IT EVEN INVOLVES TALKING ABOUT REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH. That’s right our mother fucking nightmare of a country doesn’t want to agree to this resolution because it USES the word “reproductive health.” I mean … we love abortion here… but HOW FUCKING SINGLEMINDED DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO NOT REALIZE THAT “REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH” MEANS MORE THAN ABORTION AND IS IMPORTANT!?!?! You are bowing down to the worst fucking possible people at the cost of ACTUAL PEOPLE’S LIVES! How the FUCK can you sleep at NIGHT with this??? You are sacrificing VICTIMS OF HORRIBLE ATROCITIES to FUCKING IGNITE YOUR BASE YOU SICK FUCKING MONSTERS!

Make everyone you know read this story as a reminder, of how terrible and hypocritical the other side is.