This week we’ve been dealing with a true onslaught of news at a level that we… know is hard to handle. We’re of course talking about the New York Magazine/Vox merger. What will it mean for their UNION? 

And we totally understand if you have felt inundated with NEWS to the point where it’s hard to focus on anything else. BUT BUT BUT next week, we’re gonna need you, so just get ready. Because today Vox published a SCARY explainer titled “The fight to end Roe v. Wade enters its endgame next week.” AHHHHHHH! So we’re gonna need you to REFOCUS some of your anxiety next week and the coming weeks, because shit is about to go DOWN. 

And while yes, this is also big and scary and feels untenable, we DO IN FACT have a thing you can do! Contact the city council members in Jackson, Mississippi who this morning had a special meeting to discuss proposed buffer zones for their clinic. Keep the members’ feet to the flames and make sure they know that protesters HARASS and SCARE patients. This is not a first amendment issue, it’s a safety issue! For full information about what’s going on read this post by the great Pinkhouse Defenders (who escort outside the clinic!). 

And again, while everything is big and scary and untenable, we want to give a shout out to an amazing org that has been fighting the big scary monster for 50 years!! NARAL! NARAL originally was the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws. They were around PRE-Roe v. Wade y’all. YOU CAN’T STOP NARAL! 

And one thing we love about NARAL is their commitment to on the ground work. Our friends at NARAL Missouri and NARAL North Carolina and NARAL Illinois and so many other local NARAL’s work so hard year round to protect their states from the scary abortion bans that they face. So today we celebrate them and all they do. No one we’d rather fight the onslaught of hate with than you, friends!!