We have a MEETING to get to so we are just gonna give you some QUICK hits to tide you over!

OKLAHOMA: Nothing to us IS MORE disingenuous than these losers trying to argue that they just want people to have ALL the options to make their CHOICE and therefore… we’re gonna force doctors to tell them about some fake ass science. LOLOLOL that’s like being like “OK so we just want to tell you all the options so you could ORDER a coke at a restaurant or you could pour some syrup into your water and that might taste good…. JUST WANT YOU TO HAVE ALL THE OPTIONS! They’re trying to get this type of bill passed in Ohio too so… FUN TIMES ALL AROUND!  

South Carolina: Literally all the anti-abortion nightmares do is SHOW THEMSELVES and how little they actually care about life. They care about the CONCEPT of life more than the realities of it… and it’s despicable. Women TELL the stories of TERRIBLE things that happened to them… the worst things that happen to them… and what do they do??? STRIP AWAY ALL THE RAPE AND INCEST EXCEPTIONS to their already despicable bills. Fuck that. 

Illinois: Illinois is dope and passed a Reproductive Health Act and… lol guess what nightmares are trying to ruin that? We love how much anti-abortion buttholes try to argue about their precious tax dollars. A LOT OF OUR TAX DOLLARS GO TO WAR AND WEAPONS, THAT SEEMS WAY MORE HORRIBLE TO US THAN IT GOING TO PROVIDING PEOPLE HEALTHCARE. 

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania is trying to become another shitty state that passes a 6-week ban and the governor has ALREADY said that he will veto it. SO LET’S ALL GUESS HOW MUCH MORE TIME THEY’RE GONNA WASTE ON THIS. I MEAN… we know that anti-abortion screamers ONLY have time on their hands so… our bet is they’ll do this for at least a few more months.