Naya Rivera, who we know from her 6 seasons on Glee as Santana Lopez, is releasing her memoir today called Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up. In her book — which we should all go out and buy today — Naya discusses her decision to have an abortion 6 years ago.

Naya! Naya! Naya! Naya!

Naya also released a heartfelt personal essay on why she decided to share her story. In the essay she details how her grandmother worked at Bread and Roses, a healthcare clinic where she counseled women and listened to the stories surrounding their decision to have an abortion. Naya discusses how it has been incredibly important in her family that women get the care they need and ALSO the emotional support they require.

Check out the essay and also her interview with ET Online. We here at Lady Parts Justice League did not wake up this morning thinking we'd be telling peeps to check out an ET segment, that’s for ssssssssure. BUT, it’s SO important that when women step up and tell their stories we let media outlets know that we support them. That it is important to get the word out! That women everywhere go through this! That it is not a taboo subject!

Naya Rivera, we here at Lady Parts Justice League salute you! Thank you for sharing your story and putting it out there that women are making health care decisions that are right for them and right for their lives.