It's not only Sean Spicer making horrible Holocaust analogies this week. Anti-abortion extremists do it every day.

Let the hate parade begin!

America’s anti-choice sweetheart, Mike Huckabee, has made this ridiculous comparison before saying that when Nazi’s began to exterminate Jewish people, “educated scientists, sophisticated and cultured people looked the other way because they thought it didn’t touch them. “This is why every person must get involved – you have to stand up and speak up or this is what can happen,” he said. “Once a culture begins to devalue human life, it begins to deteriorate.” #FunFact: Once a culture becomes a probiotic, you can poop better!

Next up, Personhood USA! This extremist group made a video saying things like, “Saying it’s OK to choose is the same thing as saying it’s OK for Hitler to choose.” The “film” (if you can call a piece of lying garbage a film), shows very graphic footage of the actual Holocaust from WWII, and does several man-on-the-street interviews where the evangelical pastor, Ray Comfort tries to persuade people into saying that abortion is the same thing. #FunFact: Ray Comfort teamed up with Kirk Cameron and a banana to disprove evolution.

Oh, and if you want subtle abortion/holocaust references, the group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust may be your thing. They believe that anyone born after January 22nd, 1973 (When Roe vs. Wade was passed)  is a “survivor of the American abortion holocaust.” They “recognize the urgency of this war,” and go on to state their mission, which is to “encourage and empower the youth of today as they dare to rise up against the slaughter of innocent children through abortion” and “engage in a battle to end America’s genocide.” #FunFact: I have no fun fact here; it’s just awful.

You may not call him an extremist (or talented), but he certainly has the spotlight because he’s the host of ‘America’s Got an Extremist Shithead.’ Nick Cannon! Nick went on the radio in November and said “Hillary was sneaking and cheating, think of all the stuff they did with Planned Parenthood.” “That type of stuff is to take our community and – forget gentrification, it's real genocide. And it's been like that for years.”

Even our neighbors to the North had a recent incident. During a mandatory Grade 10-12 religion class, students at a Canadian Catholic High School were forced to watch a presentation given by a woman from an anti-choice group in the area including this horrible video, “The Case Against Abortion, Personhood.” It starts out by philosophising about what ‘personhood’ is and then around the 1.20 mark abruptly starts talking about the Auschwitz death camp and Hitler’s “scheme by which severely disabled children could be murdered.” The subtitles continue with, “Then once the war began, this killing was extended to disabled adults as well (and then to all ‘unwanted’ persons’).” You start to see what they’re ridiculously grasping at.

What drives all of these people on their quest for anti-choice douchebaggery? Most of the time, religion. And even MORE most of the time; Catholicism. The Catholic Media Coalition is a group of “Catholic writers, webmasters, editors, and others engaged in producing media for and about the Catholic Church.” In one article they state, “How many Christians today are doing the same thing in regard to the Abortion Holocaust?” In reference to Hitler’s Holocaust they say, “It is happening all over again in America with abortion.”

At the end of the day, NO ONE should be making Holocaust comparisons, especially anti-choice creeps spreading lies!