In our series “The Building of Sauron’s Army” we here at Lady Parts Justice League have been exploring the choice humans Donnie Trump is surrounding himself with. Today we take on Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin: Smaug!

Two quick things before we dive in…

Firstly, we recognize that Smaug was not in The Lord of the Rings trilogy but in The Hobbit. However since Smaug is essentially a banker, hovering over the gold and hoarding it for himself we feel he is the perfect character to represent Mnuchin so just go with it! STILL TOLKIEN, still Middle Earth.

Secondly, in this series we've been looking into Donnie’s advisors and the people he is choosing for his cabinet and exposing their extreme anti-choice backgrounds. Mnuchin is the first person in Donnie’s horde that has no apparent public stance on reproductive rights. Mnuchin’s opinions are all about money.

After Trump ran on “draining the swamp” and anti-Wall Street rhetoric his choice of making Mnuchin Secretary of Treasury seems like he's going back on his word. WHAT?! Can you imagine Trump doing that?!?! We’re shocked. Shocked I tell you.

After working at Goldman Sachs for 17 years and now as chief executive at Dune Capital, a private hedge fund, Mnuchin is Insider McGee. One of Mnuchin’s swampiest behavior’s was when he got together some billionaire buddies and bought IndyMac (a California based bank that was failing due to a bunch of sketchy loans they gave out) during the housing crisis.

Mnuchin changed the name to OneWest Bank, foreclosed on some 36,000 homes and turned an estimated $1.5  billion profit off the backs of hard working Americans. But you know, good business.

Rex and Rose Schaffer were among those who lost their home to OneWest. The Schaffer’s said they spoke to over 33 employees at OneWest – getting different people every time they called trying to get information or help. In the end they were finally given a 60-day extension but during that time the bank sold their home (that they had been living in for 50 years) without even telling them. Both Rex and Rose Schaffer voted for Donnie Trump. Rose told NPR in an interview that they hope he doesn’t choose Mnuchin for Treasury: “If he can't run his own little bank, how can he handle a large thing for the United States?” We’re at a loss for words.

Steve Mnuchin – wallet pussy grabber. Foreclosing on your pussy. Putting puss out of their homes.