You know how when you’re looking for apartments in New York (lol stay with us stay with us) everything’s so expensive and you’re like “How do people have ALL THIS money?” That’s how we feel about anti-choice groups. HOW DO THEY HAVE ALL THIS MONEY? We mean, this is mostly a rhetorical question, we obvs know where the money comes from. But sometimes it is just, so effing disheartening.

This morning we read the very disheartening news that Whole Woman’s in Austin (YES the Whole Woman’s of the FAMED Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt, the badasses who took anti-abortion laws to the mf-ing Supreme Court and WON) have had to move because a fucking anti-choice group has bullied them out of their real estate.

We just like, want y’all to think about this. This group that hates abortion and apparently loves LIFE has decided to waste time and money just harassing a clinic. We feel like this level of time waste is basically equivalent to watching a child starve and being like “One second we gotta give the 2k we could be giving to you for food to this building so we can smoke out a clinic. STOP SCREAMING CHILD WE ARE ON THE PHONE.”

But OK we haven’t even said the name of the place yet because that’s the real darkness here. It’s called Carrying to Term. And according to the article in the Austin Chronicle, “Carrying to Term's mission is to guide women with terminal prenatal diagnoses to “choose life.”” We cannot handle how unspeakably cruel this is. This means that, in effect, Carrying to Term is pro-dead babies. They want more women to give birth to babies who will die young.

And this is not to say that everyone doesn’t deserve their own choice when it comes to getting a terminal pregnancy diagnosis… but you know who is actually great to consult… A REAL FUCKING DOCTOR!

If this infuriates you consider donating to a local abortion provider today (and Whole Woman’s). Because some of us actually CARE about people.