Oh yes it is the dreaded Monday, but faithful readers, we are pumped pumped pumped like we just ran a half marathon and then drank a bunch of coffee! That’s because we spent all day yesterday protesting Brett Kavanaugh AROUND THE COUNTRY (and, well, you know what we said about protests making us horny!).

Brett Kavanaugh is a threat to our reproductive rights (and LGBTQ rights, and workers rights, and, so much more) so we took to the streets to demand that people STAND UP and FIGHT BACK!

Remember Jane Doe’s case from last year? She wanted an abortion but the government kept dragging its feet (aka running out the clock aka an undue burden by any other name would be as unconstitutional). Well, HHS sent Jane Doe to a FAKE CLINIC and Kavanaugh (in a ruling) was like “Whatevs, that seems fine, we’re helping.” NOPE! So we did our #ExposeFakeClinics action to once again drive home how INSIDIOUS these places are. Watch the whole thing here! Then call your senators!

The News

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