We are OUT HERE in the streets today, standing up to abortion rights! Y’all we got two rallies we’re going to today so the blog is gonna be SHORT. We started this morning with Lizz speaking at a CHURCH. DID YOU EVER THINK YOU’D SEE THE DAY? Well, of course, because like our minister friend yesterday in the post, and like our friends who held this rally, and like our friends at Catholics for Choice, and like our friend at Thank God for Abortion, say everyone loves someone who’s had an abortion … even God.

We love to see everyone out at these rallies ALL around the country today! Being loud, being relentless, not giving in. We saw some great signs out there today! And we hope to see more tonight!

So we’re leaving you with this, please donate to abortion funds in your state and to places that need it! And sign up to be an escort at your local clinic. And join us and let’s fuck shit up together!