By this point, y’all already know we love independent clinics! Unless you’re new here! 

But if you are or want to send this to someone who is let’s talk! Independent clinics perform 58% of abortions in the United States. In Arkansas, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Georgia independent clinics are they only places that provide surgical abortions! 

In this incredible 5 year study from Abortion Care Network they confirmed what we already knew- Indie clinics are hit hardest by all these restrictions. This incredible report highlights a lot but one of the most devastating statistics is that in 2019, 26 independent clinics have closed. There are NOT that many clinics in the United States, people! This number is huge! Just imagine each closed clinic is another hour people have to drive for care! 

Read Abortion Care Network’s full report on the state of independent clinics! Then follow them on Twitter to stay up to date!

And if you’re wondering how you can help out your local provider, we have like, a billion ideas! ONE: send a THANK BANK postcard telling them you appreciate what they do! Look up your local indie provider and BECOME an ESCORT! Make it your New Year’s Resolution. Oh, and also, we’re doing our annual “Adopt a Clinic” drive for the holidays! We’re at the tail end of that, with 40 clinics already adopted, but if you would like to do something nice for your local clinic email our Programs Director who can tell you how to get involved!