Y’all as we’ve been saying all month, it is truly the doldrums of August. So doldrum-y in fact… that a effing court STILL hasn’t been like “hey, Missouri, your 8-week ban is OBVS unconstitutional so we’re gonna stop it.” I MEAN, GETTING KINDA DOWN TO THE DEADLINE HERE, GUYS, THIS GOES INTO EFFECT ON WEDNESDAY! 

And while we wait for a judge to act in Missouri and Congress to maybe act on Title X (the first more hopeful than the second), we just want to remind you all the kinda maniacs we’re fighting here with this QUICK lil’ breakdown of a new study by Supermajority. If you were like “Hey, could this really be what they think?!?!” Well, here’s some rather sobering facts about… just what they think:  

  • 71% of anti-choicers think that “most women interpret innocent remarks or acts as being sexist.” Fun fun fun, chill chill chill, love that it’s “innocent” if she’s not into it but like, if she’s down, well then it’s def flirty… wait why are you taking me to HR now??? FEMINAZI?!?! 
  • 54% of anti-choicers agree that “men generally make better political leaders than women.” LOL we think they all really believe that but 46% of them knew to lie.
  • Only 27% of anti-choicers think that “access to birth control affects women’s equality.” We’ve obviously known this forever but like… good to see it in print. 
  • Only 23% of anti-choicers think that the “lack of women in political office affects women’s equality.” HEHEHEHEHE honestly this is pretty indicative of every anti-choice argument. “The lack of equality DOES NOT affect equality.” 
  • Only 19% of anti-choicers believe that “systems in society were set up to give men more opportunities than women.” 

So anyway we’re gonna go punch a hole in the wall somewhere, but read this whole study because it is EXTREMELY eye-opening!