What’s that pounding on your door? Who is that coming into your home? It’s the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). It must be an emergency! What are they seizing?! This is so serious, it must be guns or heroine or smuggled child sex slaves hiding in the basement! What? They came for your abortion pill?! That seems, aggressive?!

On International Women’s Day (the irony of the date is not lost on anyone) the PSNI raided homes in order to seize packages of mifepristone and misoprostol (drugs that induce an abortion). They also raided an artist activist workshop where a package of the pills had been shipped to. Always important to put those mouthy artist broads in their place on International Women's Day!

Tracking the packages through the mail, the PSNI went into the homes of these women and teens having no idea why the women were taking the pills. Possibly making their families aware for the first time or even alerting partners. What if one of those women was in an abusive situation? What if they were a victim of rape? What if? What if? What if? The health and wellbeing of the woman is unfortunately not taken into consideration at all, they are just treated as criminals.

Abortion is illegal across the board in Ireland unless it’s performed as a medical intervention saving the mother’s life. So if you aren’t dying, you can’t have an abobo, no matter what. UNLESS of course you are wealthy, in which case you can just take a little trip over to England and have one there where it’s legal. Grab some tea, see Big Ben, have your cervix dilated.

The pills are NHS approved across the rest of the UK but are supposed to be medically supervised. Low-income women in Ireland are risking taking them alone and doing something illegal because there is great need. ARE WE REALLY SENDING A SEARCH AND SEIZURE TEAM TO THE DOORS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST TRYING TO TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR LIVES!?!?! Women are making choices, send in Twat SWAT!

The criminalization of abortion is just endangering low-income women. Period. Call off the guard, fix the laws.