11953593_865354433514029_7321344951530961002_oHey friends! Today we at The Lady Parts Justice League are getting together for dinner and to writing *postcards of thanks and support to every clinic in the US. It is part of a program we started earlier this year called #ThankBank. We bring *postcards to every LPJL event, and ask attendees to write a note of support to a clinic, then we send it off on their behalf. We have sent over 500 since September!

In the wake of the Colorado terror attack, we are asking our friends to gather Today, Sunday November 29th and send some out on your own. Grab some pals, some wine, and do some good old fashion kitchen table activism. If you are ambitious, join us in popping a note to all of 'em!  If your day is too hectic, maybe you can just send a few to your local providers. If you can't gather friends, please send at least one on your own. Spreading love to providers RIGHT NOW is all we are after!

BUT- Before you send it off, we would love you to snap a picture and post that your are participating on social media using the hashtags #PostcardSunday and #ThankBank

CLICK HERE for The list of providers by city.

* IMPORTANT: USE postcards, NOT REGULAR CARDS are safer because awful people can put awful things in an envelope.

Thanks so much for participating. It means EVERYTHING to them to hear from people who care. Simple gestures can bring a ton of joy.

In solidarity,

Lizz and the Lady Parts Justice League.