The phrase “sidewalk counseling” is so fucking stupid. It’s such an insult to people who actually care to learn how to counsel people in need. Here’s a thought: if you’re a COUNSELOR you don’t try to make people feel BAD about themselves! 

So in this time of a pandemic when it is SO essential that only ESSENTIAL people are out, guess who believes their… wait for it… don’t throw up in your mouth … FREE SPEECH … ~*~*~*~ vommmmmmsss over everything ~*~*~*~ … is being violated. That’s right a bunch of dickwads screaming at patients all day, now with like, masks. They’ve literally never followed the 8-feet rules that clinics have around their doors, WHAT THE FUCK IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE US THINK that they are obeying the six-feet rule now? In fact in front of  A Preferred Women's Health Center clinic 50 effing protesters showed up. Look I know y’all don’t know anything but shaming people for their decisions but: 50 is GREATER than 10. 

And our best friends for life the Federalist claims that the reason they can go out is because in states you are allowed to leave your home “volunteering with charitable and social service.” BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Y’all give BLOOD now. Do SOMETHING good. You actually COULD be helping people now and that is why your “counseling” shit stands in SUCH CLEAR CONTRAST to the current situation. Do you honestly think that if a person LEAVES THEIR HOME DURING A PANDEMIC to get healthcare… they are GOING TO BE CONVINCED BY SOME PAMPHLET YOU READ ONCE?? Stay the eff HOME.

Case in point, this dipshit Tawd who somehow found the password to our Youtube page and insists on making videos. Watch to see how demented they truly are!