Remember how America’s own wombsday preppers flew all the way to Ireland because they were so worried about Irish fetuses and wanted to spread their hate worldwide? And remember how we wanted them to just stay over there but also JK cuz it would be bad for diplomacy, and we don’t wish our vermin on other countries!? Well, it looks like the fetal obsessive doctrine of whining “OMG you’re violating our FREE SPEECH” has made its way across the pound. Weird how these people can learn the intricacies and loopholes of Constitutional laws but can’t be bothered to learn the capacity for empathy. Read this great article about the particular kind of scum who protested in New Zealand where ABORTION IS ONLY CONDITIONALLY LEGAL!

And in the United States too, these weasels have somehow found a way to complain about any of the ways politicians have tried to stop their harassment. They cry “Free speech” right after they yell “You’re a whore” at someone seeking medical care. AND JUDGES ARE OK WITH THAT, THEY LET THEM DO WHAT THEY WANT. They’re winning! See:

This Case IN NEW YORK Where The Judge Ruled There’s No Sign That Protesters Are Annoying, Except, You Know, Just Looking at Them

Or Where They Are Trying to ACTIVELY Change the Constitution to Say Abortion Isn’t Protected, Just in Cases

Even When They Do Get Arrested They Just See Themselves As Martyrs And Inspire Others to Be Legit Harassment NIGHTMARES

So First Amendment Lawyers: HOW DO WE FIGHT BACK? Non-First Amendment Lawyers: Get out there and counter-protest NOW!