WeTestify The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) is an organization dedicated to making sure that people have access to abortions. They do a whole host of holy cow amazing things, like, for example, if you can’t afford an abortion they will help you with finding funds, they push for Medicaid to cover abortions and help people who want to join in the fight by providing them with info and tools. They are people to know about. Hashtag changemakers. Our kind of peeps!

NNAF has launched a new campaign called We Testify – a storytelling platform that shares abortion stories. Their goal (and isn’t it all our goals) is to change the dialogue around abortions, to give people a community to speak to their experiences, to shine a light on how many women get abortions and what it means to them (not what someone told them it should mean). Don't let the anti-choice people own the rhetoric. Humanize through storytelling. Speak your truth to help others not feel alone. Break the stigma, testify.