Wow leagurers, this is the Mondayest Monday that ever Monday-ed. But after your busy weekend of looking at Bigfoot erotica, it’s time to get back to work, fighting all those trying to erode our reproductive rights. So close all those Bigfoot dick tabs (BDE, Bigfoot Dick Energy) and get to reading the latest in reproductive rights new!

More People Who Think “Family Planning” Is Just Picking Out What Old Timey Name You Want to Give Your Kid Are Trying to Prevent People From Accessing Healthcare

And Furthermore, People Who Think “Family Planning” Is Just Paying Off the Right People to Make It Go Away, Are Causing a Global Health Disaster

Texas Has a New Billboard That Says “Abortion Is Not Healthcare” to Go Next to Their “Steak IS a Vegetable” Billboards

Listen to The Women of Slate Talk About Their Own Abortion Stories!