Well, we’ve been talking about the nonsense from the zygote-loving sidewalk screamers who are SO QUICK to defend Kavanaugh and argue that because someone can’t draw to scale the layout of a house they were in 36 years ago, they’re def a liar who is not to be trusted. And it’s like, how about tell me where the bathroom was in that Starbucks you went to THIS MORNING, Sheila, then talk to me about how you’re an expert at memory recovery. But… we digress. Today we’re not talking Kavanaugh… because we’re talking about all the destruction that is ALREADY ROTTING OUR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS that Kavanaugh will only make worse!

Surprise! Everything’s still a nightmare! What? You thought we’d have some FUNNY PUPPY VIDEOS FOR YOU? YOU THOUGHT WE’D REVIEW A STAR IS BORN? We’re fucking pissed! We wake up every day to hear Chuck Grassley trying to gaslight America. The U.S. is literally the shit on Trump’s shoe.

So, here’s the thing, when we say burn it all down, we don’t mean in a garbage fire. Here’s what’s going on across the United States! So Missouri has one abortion clinic now. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! HOW DID WE GET ANOTHER STATE WITH ONLY ABORTION CLINIC? Oh, it’s because politicians pretend to not understand how CALLING A FUCKING HOSPITAL WORKS! Missouri’s been fighting these bullshit admitting privileges law for a WHILE, but they cannot catch a break. Let’s be very clear: abortion is SAFE. It is a SAFE procedure. The anti-choicers just want to pass laws like this to further the LIE that abortion is this scary thing. BUT IT IS NOT, IT IS SAFE. And furthermore, WE ALL KNOW HOW TO DIAL 911 SHOULD ANYTHING HAPPEN. Why should  place have to completely shut down for this? BECAUSE THERE ARE A LOT OF FUCKWADS IN POWER, THAT’S WHY!


AND then we read a headline with Missouri in it and were like “Oh, more about this clinic situation” BUT NO A DIFFERENT HORRIBLE THING HAPPENED! A judge ruled that it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL to say that places couldn’t discriminate in hiring. That’s fucking right. I know that sentence sounds insane. Let’s break it down. Missouri passed a law that was like “hey, you can’t fucking ask someone if they had an abortion and then not hire them because of it.” And like, good, that seems normal and fine. BUT THEN A JUDGE RULED that wasn’t fine. That in fact, SAYING YOU CAN’T DISCRIMINATE was DENYING PEOPLE FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. Honestly, fuck that, so much. We have no jokes. That’s literally the stupidest, most conceited, worst use of the first amendment argument we’ve ever heard. How about you don’t get to function in society if you think hating everyone should be protected under the Constitution.

And that’s just Missouri. Further… north (idk, directions) in South Bend… AMY STILL HASN’T BEEN TO OPEN HER CLINIC! The health department is STILL fighting it! They aren’t even DOING PROCEDURES AT THIS CLINIC! They are literally giving patients TWO PILLS. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?

In South Carolina too they’re cutting Medicaid funding to people who like, have ever even thought about having an abortion. And the “Fetal Heartbeat Bill” is STILL PASSED in Iowa, even though more than half of Iowans are like “hey, this… goes way too far.”

It’s all politics, it’s all grandstanding. But real people are getting hurt. And it’s up to us to make sure people REALIZE THAT and … realize that they’re ACTUAL REAL HURT and then there’s… just like, a man’s career.